Saturday, November 3, 2012


no parry no sim no gratable vlex akin
ginning cloud see do
their verity clue
a hovering chordless sphere
illumines the flume
its snaky thorough enclosure

no parry no miss no dune
white velvet the furniture slowly transform
and somehow the fireplace
is a falling of lava

so take the smallest cup here
and dip it in
the long handle should prevent
your skin from burning

and there on the table
in cold stone masks face down
in basins of iron wood that match them
release your metal
to the ancient water

as physical description
of events become manifest

a small and mystic noise wills steam whistle and steal
from out the rustic stele order, that is
if it stands

if its return
to sate speed slowing
hath pod or limb

or dark chocolate is laid out as a barrier

old shrines of chocolate
where drunken samurai sing
to fountains of blonde hair
and bathing

in Augustine
only to return
to the virgin indice
as a cryptic mudra
of the primordia
of cultus

a solemn wild haired bride
an aqua totem
of jeweled hides
to cover the scar
of molten metal

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