Monday, November 26, 2012

Jogging With Rossel 12

It was precisely 3 AM when 70 or so, of the Cantagrael Chlorlocks were sleeping soundly in their physio-impoddities within Cantarel's first Eloi vehicle sometimes called Eok Own, when they were awoken by internal signals from the other 30. Eok Own had his own suite in O/x space within the pyramind of Deep F.R.E.D.. A message had come by dove that an extremely beautiful world had been found by one of the timenauts at about 14 million years out, the timenauts were already calling Atlantis. Eok Own got up quickly and dressed in a little silk nightshirt lovingly and calligraphically embroidered with genetic and temporal algorithms and slipped on a pair of ragged and tassled moccasins  and went down to the viewing room to take a peek. There were a few Chlorlock scientists already taking readings from the instruments, and Eok Own spoke to his favorite, Professor Majesty, an enormous Chlorlock mind-plant made from various splices of venerable figures from history whose face resembled that of Socrates himself. "What have we found Professor Majesty?" "It appears these marvelous beings have built a single immense city along the central axis of the earth through its core, or perhaps they are two connected cities, for the structure flanges out at the poles, and seems to be powered by the magnetic core of the Earth itself! They also seem to be able to control the inclination of the planet’s axis via magnetic modulation.” “Have we ambassadored yet?" "Nobody available at this moment," said Professor Majesty. "What are they," said Eok. "It appears they are meta-amphibian pixellates," Professor Majesty mused, "Snake-like or eel-like beings furred in transparent metallic silicon that cluster into larger pseudo-bipedal forms, and communicate exo/internally by means of electric charges generated dermally, and they are water breathers. We’re calling them Eeloi Yeti." The Cantagrael Chlorlocks were in a bit of a quandary as their forebear, Cantarel was possessed of a morbid fear of anything remotely snakelike. Suddenly Eok Tone, the Eloi vehicle which housed Doctor Orson Welles entered the room in a Jules Vernesque diving suit replete with bio-mimicry elements so that he appeared to be both 19th century and obviously biotech.. "Tone!" "Not that crazy thing!" cried Own. "Listen, said Eok Tone, let's do a Chlorlock transfusion, and get you suited up, I want to see this thing!" The two disappeared down a large vaulted hallway covered in mosaics of teeth.  Taking a side corridor into a little drawing room, some of the chlorlocks from Eok Tone and some from Eok Own traded places within their hosts to offset Own’s chlorlock’s inherited OCD tendencies. “Own, they look like Yetis anyway! Let’s get you suited up!” “Call me Ispolzuette,” Eok Own chortled, “Dr. Hernesque!” “Hirnest, and Honesk!” declared Tone / Welles. Soon the two intrepid would-be time-nauts were clambering down the totem rigging and out onto the massive braid that dangled 14 Million years in the future, which was closer to 80 million years in the future from O/x space itself. Emerging deep under the sea near the South Pole, the two friends began clambering across the short space to the massive gleaming white structure that was the city of the Eeloi Yeti. Finding no guards or sentries of any kind, the two entered into the city through an ornate baroque oval frame teeming with sea life, all luminous squirming coelenterates and dendritic ambiguity. Suddenly, they were seized in a luminous rainbow whirlwind of silky silicon fibers, surrounded by hundreds of free-swimming Eeloi  whose silicon fur turned out to be something closer to spider’s webbing, and was emitted under control, as the Eeloi’s skins were covered in spinnerettes! In a more or less gentle fashion, Own and Tone, or ‘Ispolzuette and Hernesque,’ were taken into the lower city of Faonduul.. Own and Tone had fallen into a chromatic trance, and were both babbling like idiots, when the colors finally ceased, and they found themselves inside of a long capsule like room, their primitive suits removed and laid in a heap. “We’re breathing normally underwater,” said Own. “I doubt very much that it is water,” surmised Dr. Hernesque. Suddenly, an elegant Eeloi Yeti figure appeared at the far end of the capsule and beckoned them to follow. Down several short hallways whose moldings seemed to be made of living plastic coral, the pair followed until they were led into an underwater library where a massive Eeloi Yeti was waiting, and there was the added strangeness that there seemed to be exact echoes of everyone in the room made of single, animated holographic airbubbles which served to act like shadows. Own felt a tremble of fear, but Tone spoke right up not knowing exactly if his voice would be heard, “We are here as ambassadors of a cryptic organization of Courageous Explorers of Temporality!” “Indeed!” replied an obviously human, and female voice, and at that, the Eeloi Yeti began to disintegrate, the individual eeloi falling away from a beautiful 5 meter tall Ginger Rogers whose bright crimson skin the pair recognized as Erythrite based genetics. She was beautiful. Tone stepped forward to kiss her hand, when the woman pulled aside her elegant luminous silicon gown to reveal a pale green rectum-navel which was already opening, a long fingernail gang-plank coming out, and 6 little Chlorlock versions of Agent Ray Echenoz-Bolger marching out smiling. “Welcome to CIA headquarters, boys!” Own was shocked. Tone /Hernesque looked to the left of the Erythritic Eloi Ginger Rogers to notice a large glass case full of miniature, and slightly modified versions of his own time machine, like tiny powerful toys, each a fully functional time craft he surmised. “It’s time we joined forces,” said the little clade of Echenoz-Bolgers, “We’re taking an enlightened approach to history construction here..”

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