Monday, November 12, 2012

Jogging with Roussel 3

It was only one day after the Prefect of police had made inquiries about Locus Solus that he was replaced by a woman named Nedda Skariovsky. Her long blonde hair reminded Mordan Konfians of Lady Godiva, and he was immediately under spell. Her solid black jumpsuit appeared to glitter, and seemed as if covered in synthetic snake scales emitting a vague penumbra reminiscent of holographic film negatives. Highly eccentric in appearance, yet extremely beautiful for her vaguely 50ish mien or vissage, the captivated Konfians began to have intense dreams about her, and the village itself, while in absolute shock about the sudden replacement, immediately felt a sort of giddy wild pride about the new importance, obviously, that Locus Solus represented to their community, even though its importance at present seemed extraordinarily dark. A time of fear and wonder ensued, and though no violence, or harassment occurred, a sort of dream-time descended on the town of Montmorency, and slowly, all the residents began to have dreams about Nedda.

It was on the morning of February 5, 2013, that Mordan Konfians awoke from a particularly strange dream about Nedda. She was nude, and beautiful, and bathing in a solid white half-spheroid tub full of India ink in an enormous white spherical room, her long blond hair now like a Chinese ink-brush loaded with dark fluid.. As she rose from the exquisite tub, Mordan awoke, and ran to his little escritoire to write the flaming words he heard in his mind:


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