Friday, October 10, 2008

Blonde Moe's Dedication of "The Helmet of the Sun"

Blonde Moe and the Rat People of Ichstupa
have erected a pyramid to your haircut

The pyramid is actually made of blocks of compressed hair
that the rat people had made in detroit with their connections to GM

Blonde Moe will ritually shave his scrotum in total respect
for your haircut at the top of YOUR HAIRCUT TEMPLE

made for you by Blonde Moe and the Rat People of Ichstupa
who even now are preparing their Cheese mole' and frito chili pie

When you see Blonde Moe's hairless scrotum scored like an opium pod
and dripping blood down onto a bowl of assiduously folded funnypapers

That is a symbol of your haircut to these rare and ingenious Plague vectors
who somehow escaped Europe somewhere around Ruminamia to get to Ichstupa

If you hear one drunk guy in the ceremony yellling "Ruminoids Act Schtupid"
Then you will also notice he does not wear the traditional bowl cut of our people

Blonde Moe, Are your rat people sure this is the haircut you prefer because
It may take several weeks to change this, and pyramids of compressed hair

taste good to parrots. Blond Moe, the scabby nut glyphs you have shown
make it clear, this here Hair Temple on 678 Broadway Avenoo, Ichstupa will carry

"The Helmet of the Sun"
for all chittering and faithful Rodentia in felt decorative loincloths
with Raccoon cock bone earrings..

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