Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My First Collaboration w/ Dr. John M. Bennett


dim cream the shadow sock
stentored in the loop you crawled
nob of tent it
's live grasshole

storm the beads

'n blonk my chow der dem mutt
erbit curlpit mu-dar radar
languor or ab narwhawl's
peatblue petal finally a paw-paw griddle

threedless torn ado

schlong tlaloc louder hem dust
asplit swirled moth or layers
laundered's slab firewall
new meat settled in the caw the caw )dribble

heedless storm ago

bab-ling bib-el
yorn by kranken hunker
lungerin' banker
pod so swill and sippy (still

gooselong staintorian lopa

slabbbed libel groan my
dranken sunk lung
dank so dank so
sot nor pill nor grippe nor drill

loose thong and painted hope

sloobering labrysk groon
mont runiken sonk kajeen
dung dong sew dunkel unkoleen
phit philtre

foo so mighty swab caboose

-John M. Bennett and Lanny R. Quarles

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