Friday, October 10, 2008

Danny Wig Herpolhode's Hesychastic and Orange Tawny

The gride of hatchets fiercely thrown
On wigwam-flog and tree and stone
by Whittier Mogg Megone to soupy
Giuseppe Zedde also known as Gingillo,
a jockey from the district of Caterpillar,
is good at lohoch, eclegma, and linked us
in with his Chunda Chandra Polo Sardines
who scour the loimology texts for beefy
raisin-like fratres in malo, pufloafe bakers
of colerake and ratissover.

Behold the adventurous and holie knight
who turned into a common oven, and was
captured by the Chinese people who are
only interested in wildlife and nature, who
take their bud-and-a-slice bupkissy Vincalo
to the intrepid sounds of passacaglia gone
hide grin stool knew. thumb angel days taper
bill adieu felt lock some frame giddy thing
sits tea lies, said, Chinese knighty kidnappers.

Our Hat Voot? Evil Grin Stool charset? As a
fawn drinks from a stream, the serpent proudly
observes something, a horizontally extending
grisping member coupled to the first and second
elongated members at the ends thereof which
are coupled for slidable greatumly damniflet and
harmit through certain vagabond idle specimens
with memoirs to good hearts that are worthy
of indocili melior, lately grege and loping aperture
synthesis of interstellar neutral hydrogen into massive
greisen, and quartz veinlets expressing perfectly
the Grelling-Nelson paradox as in "Foo is
Herpetological." and "Oof is pettyzoo."

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