Monday, October 20, 2008


clad with meat

the roof stumbles, shitting

cross the head dimple

hack, caf, shot, munt

bean corner yr foot noose

rice the lung molt

I've obviously lolled about town
drawing out the soreness
drawing out the plans for the third largest
hat sac honey horde hot lolly boll holly
knolly rodlets playa feisty the rodlets

flex and dirty
the ditty

drool about the clown

paw out the snore

gnaw on the glans or turd largess

that flat money board snot lobby sot

holy clots may dice the stungnuts

dress the shitty

so pretty

It isn't a sandwich we want
but the third largest bell in the universe

to ride on the balcony when it dongs

packed in cotton
like a thumb

a fox's feet
are replaced by thumbs
a thumb's foot
is replaced by bell

but it is a hanger we wants
and the heard charger hell in the terse

pile baloney when it wrongs

sacked in blood
hike a clung

lox beet
or defaced by clung
clung's loot
defaced by smell

John M. Bennett & Lanny Quarles

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