Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Deep Worm Sow

The old sow sleeps
but the worker sneaks up
with a broom
I'm watching this with horror
but I'm only 6
and I need a ride home

in goes the broom handle
into her spoot
and out shoots the piglet
she was laying on
he was quiet
but I guess the worker
knew he was under there
but he's hurt

that's when the worker says
he takes the little pig
and holds it in his arms
and the broom is laying
on the ground

then that worker spits
on the mama pig
and I guess I feel something strange
like I'm supposed to take a side
aren't accidents
part of the natural order?

he's carrying us
on his motorcycle
the pig in a canvas bag
and me on the back
and I burn my calf
on the tailpipe pretty bad
it gets red and little bubbles pop up
it hurts and the worker says

and pulls an old bottle of bactine
or something and sprays it
in the building by the gate
it feels better
but in that canvas bag
like a worm underground
the baby pig is dead
and I guess he knew
and was taking it home
for supper.

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