Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party Haiku

wind rattled windows
all night Euphorbia in rain
crisp new oni Yukata morning

new wooden sandals tight
walking around to stretch them
Cocker Spaniel squirming

beast finger branches
claw the house
finally Winter disrobes

drinking Grande Marnier
with 91 yr old engineer woman
Cookie likes Sante Fe

my gallerist makes good chili
sitting in a big leather chair
Puerto Rican cock fighting

plantain tamales we see on Iphone
I notice a 50 yr old painting
golden pharaonic vexilloid

secret lakes of Arkansas
the Corps of Engineers
cock fighting t-shirts

sister died of cancer, half-
brother divorced, grandmother
passed from old age

cream cheese and pick-a-pepper
the marathon concludes before the rain
pretty women wearing blinking nipple lights

the Mexican artist's golden
chair, two lion heads
white linen cushions

this Cocker Spaniel is fat like
a pig, his name is Pepper
but I call him Monkey Toe

Daisy behind glass barks and
slobbers for the joggers, Daisy
would like to eat all joggers

here comes Santa Clause in December
shorts, here come the walkers
one step up from us, the drinkers

just as in all of history we are
the boosters, shrewd merchants
cheering the passing crowds

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