Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Ogress Pops Out Smiling Where The Joey Once Jangled

paha loopa lumen to el mo mir rimmed in mud domed motleys silelaheering rololongolanga anga apu du 'something' pala du dala pu 25 jelly forks hovering the water lens distorts its friend the hunchbacked lemur now a stockinged woodpecker red lotus prince and white lotus prince mahala gungvodo no finer ogress in teeth made of sugar here come red lotus in his big wooden skull buggy leaving flowers for the children homnavakatooki using lungs for crutches the quick sand silvers foxes and the quack sang sweetly where the blood once boiled nachtbuhilli tihighlili mibibethra ekomikonkobinongalingi linking bikini thrispy poul snee gritty gummibonti bonthi elephants in the high grass connect ink splatters on the crooked stones cum cobblers cum barrelers cum benthi biscuits and brooms for all hages mimibati bahe' ogress shakes the stalk and many naughty children fall in her pot clank clank what a fine happy pot to gobble don't watch ogress stretching her yeti lobster lanky limbs nahalabobbi dungaree fate bells a dyne fungu and especially cancel any yu deem for the conqueror is always conquered by the desire to conquer and algae mugukang the mountain its pabbly nexter O O a stirrup of twisted orange vines

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