Thursday, December 6, 2012

Masturbation Before the Idol of Ideal Depression

whose population queen
will be alchemically savvy enough
alcarazza locos bozo in logos
you feel so svelt and supple
in your super soft pants
and so we stand in glory
at the gateway
to the interincredible

heat climates meteors
within a unified victim
less crime less earth
no criminal reduction
in forces results
fascism starts with birth
and ends with murder
as innocence
depicted in certain noh plays

the masked wizard
with her jangle of electrodes
which reach back
to the web's new
double standard
of facing page tablets

is any reduction in human life
actually a crime no matter
its procedure?

you cannot be human
and be radically pro-earth,
or is that radically wrong?
Today we have 3 experts
demonstrating the proper care
and maintenance of weapons.

Weapons must be cleaned and oiled
so that oxidation does not promote rust.

These issues aren't pretty, but
poetry isn't human, it transcends
not only humanity, but any specific
assemblage, conscious or otherwise.

Poetry is roughly cognate
with the lyrical reality
of our material universe.

That universe is difficult.
It is encrypted, one might say,
and it resists decryption
actively, although it allows
a certain level of unpacking,
but remember:

from every bright and logical explication
there extends the acute possibility
for renewed morphologies of latency
which tend to obfuscate the original
explication, and are further obfuscated
by faux explicatory processes
which not only enhance the creation
of polarized subjectivities, but in fact
render all subjectivies provisional
instantiations of conflict rendering
a canonical principle of spatiality.

Space = Conflict.

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