Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Truly Loyal Spy

Who sends these messy brass
islands? This mess amassing is
brass islands seldom. Your un-
bending wheat is wise at the sum-
mit, where the bugle sees no gypsy.
Dull blades like a mess form in
brass ports; here. Looking at the
haunches (lights in the dusk) ~all
the stupid glory to touch brings in
a hammered gold in broad daylight
((equanimity is boundless language-
lessness) Lit, drunk, every yellow
scrap is sweet relief.) [yadda yellow
brass, boss] I do not remember me,
wild salty poppy to the wheat har-
vest commemorative ribbon
red under the tuba, its brass feet
have brass teeth which have brass
breasts, rattling the conclusion of
my business. red mop [ponder]
oh ponder. (transponder) That's
all it took, I guess.

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