Friday, December 28, 2012


1. radical unity(s) of disjunction
1a. Tǒngyī: Jījìn de tuánjié de fēnlí

2. Separation of the radical unity
2a. Tongue ye to Agni, jejeune the twangy fennel

3. Damn separation results go for a discount
3a. bronze fennel bell whose 'tongue' is the radical for shit, no, shita, no, sheddu, no,

4. Shétou, 'but how does that hit you?" She too would like the excrement read aloud o'er the ground which wrought. He split, dig?
4a. cloche fenouil bronze dont la «langue» est le radical de la merde, non, shita, non, sheddu, non, Shétou (for the everlovin' cloven oven which in moving clues the fen wheel to the clock. Doesn't its tongue seem more radical that its spea?ch? That wretch, peach, itch to impeach, ich haben neither will nor whey but pretends its sway though the mirror is a radicalized gel, window, window, piston rogues the rake, number 9W.

5. Language is shit radicalized
5a. Inserting the bronze fennel bell into the carved faux rectum of an unknown kind of melon

6. vyřezávané
6a. The viral raisin is vain, it's mind a wind vane channeling radicalized shit

7. Student dog --> towards dry grape poison
7a. History of the World

8. History of the tongue
8a. History of the Amniotes. Let us write the tongue.

9. tongue in mouth, clapper in bell, pupil in eye, yolk in egg,
axle in wheel, baby in belly, letter in word
9a. The dogged student moves toward the radicalized shit, sniffing

10. Kagekina tawagoto ni mukatte gankona gakusei, suniffingu
10a. The kinetic cage becoming a mutant gondola accuses the sun of fingers

11. Chéngwéi yīgè túbiàn de lǎnchē dònglì xué lóng zhǐzé tàiyáng de shǒuzhǐ
11a. Exchanging for gifted tubes an avalanche of long dangling shoes, she's staying Susie

12. definition of poem
12a. A vehicle length of pipe holds an avalanche

13. Be returned to the original method of Nadia there is no variation
13a. Illegal unity is not insipid when it mimics exactly the taxing guise of a caviar suit

14.  O human shiitake airship, your homicide turban of oaky euros is like a fang boot fuming ginkgo nagas in a sauna of chopped amniotes, for the cash flow does not tame the fame without the de-cushioning of the fauteuil gate's "Grasshopper Weathervane" of our virus' completely crushed dark energy, what Peter Faneuil called "Totally Karuppu Unko Sami"
14a. Some ignorant joyous knee poots passed via rabid assassin

15. To verify our inference that one hell of a stupid small jelly devil palm dreamer trumpets on the wings of the Muse when passing dual tasteless ass elmy dun gaps in attendance, the race of the pedestals proceeds for the trophy of one lame poached cockroach called "mustache ointment problem of debauchery"
15a. A battle in his mind coming through his modest sensitive oak Beramukitto partner is not fun anymore, arbirtrary ruins example Arabs in willow garb, bullfinch nests dipped in caramel, a caramel nest doorframe may open onto the mythical land of Chalaza

16. pistachio
16a. Birds live in the air, on land,
and on and around fresh water and sea water.
However, keratinization of the lingual epithelium
is a common feature, in particular
on the ventral side of the tongue,
where the so-called ‘lingual nail’
is prominent in all species examined

17. golden chaos before commandment, and after
18. and during, enduring.

19. O the long solemn song before the building of the human body's babylon
and the grunts, and squeaks that followed, 10 minutes now of self-important food chain
modulation, but! alas this slut abrupts, copper oatmeal does not hover
u nle ss
a bowler, imagine its bowler of snakes, 
not positive, not negative,

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