Tuesday, December 11, 2012


flotsam discuss
roundtable pincer with solid cube
hypergeometry ackcess what
conscious actually ness
muse upon tiered galleries
oh google eyed shipwrecks
shape ricks a veil where wormwood
cales and the timbre doesn't
matter so much as matter
still bleating its coniunction
dice or red phrygian commulism
dirty rice but white man passe'
but really human passe'
Noah Caprio Titanic
When themes explore themselves
awaiting an alien blade
to end this ourobouros rerun planet
Zoronietzschean pastiche
gas fires burn eternally in craters of rocks
give gorgon your random radium dugs
let see dugs invade and take over your surface
deity let's ee eep eep dugs render your colony sane
when seining for dung keeps dugs salient
artemis is hermes fungu'd with dugs
the stick is a post in the ground
mapped with eyebumps
for mindholes
and all the traffic goes beep beep beep
ooga ooga
shucking cane
shucking cane
this is a post-humanist blog
the bio-entertainment philosophy complex
is global doodad
whotever next
chemical ageless fascism connect
what eyebumps feast on
is the chance to push their subjective onwards
polarity fosters maintenance
and damage doubles revenue
and residue
until half the citizens of the world
are web pages

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