Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holy Versus B -/roken By Prolificity

are poor
girded with loins
lines that alpha screech
where the bonnet
splits the Moses

these poor hearts
whose blood is gadflies
in of forgiveness
see them is
gald fy all

in general
improving mind
improving desolation
improving it all

what are poor
what state
if clinical
gone nature

nature dissecting
under sun's

give (
a bad doctor
a regal king
an unheard cry
all debating

all opening
the wind

so that globular amorphous aqueous being
would float

o that melusine bird
ruined by customs and humours
and rummage

mushroom heads of hair
occupying almost

do they glean only pictures
to their fasting
poor so poor

their strong avid hearts
without the armor

the armors
the hot and hulking intelligence
which was derived apart
from their cultured emotions

its prison theater called
was working and burning
it was that which flowed forth
but none for all

so do not cry for me
in the avalanche of ferns
cry for me
in the avalanche of criers

the melange of promiscuous mixers
pressed contemptuously
into miscellaneous

oh gentle
ever sensual
the conception
aligns all assembly

epicene rasps
the odd twin sinks
allure the sunken pastoral
and hearken
its dishwater book
to primordial remedy

our poem
as Attila
at Metz
each stroke increasing
the breadth of spherology
what Sisyphus knew
as a system  ~)or
ewer yoke(

the public inn
like a treat for birds
would salve all moments
in the philtre foeter
for their eclogite
its abcoherence insurd

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