Monday, December 3, 2012

Mardi Gras Wombats Sail Inflatable Book Ends (mApfuloraonch)

white ferns obscure the perfumed blowhole mobbyahaba bihiliniti obfa doooon! greeth greeth wahails the sailfort robin und kundyurcoccoon sawails the sussurusty mail all obsuddianlee go the wire mouthed muthkins to lurribjunt land and on chin-heels dance the duncy bongos brasp'd with feral lily hands apistils slapping the hollow hang gliding origami snowflake chimes that magnetically fold their blusoms shaggy coats colliding to meadow twisted menhirs in the night luminous wax paper parthenons [CANDLE USAGE]paramohaw guffreftjuhull float above the canal where the beak boats deliver their chattering urchins lamtrem urnlichtpaw to the purpose of radial bristling antennae but no guff fiuls a fuller filling fooled and there galactose gets gulled for the mole pops up from the mountain burvinthy kakaw weheewee where the dawn photons all let warmth be invisible unless a ratcheting peccary encloses its breath purkolointerlitter or therefore dorsal all homes in a porcupine of snow barber poles of babylon harbor stout teflon springs goggalonging bhulku symba brathling umpkump misty glitter in their mattress feet all grails are double camel and the humps are hives of tookus fives where the naredewwells go swelling a steel donkey head ends the hose and the ears are the handles put a crank in the jaw and the hy-phen slaffs a wampus, for when the hose bucks the heels are tapping, our lace tympanum now a labyrinth over interfocussed manes snapping out whaords beforfleecesaythem drawns pucker a doddle loop

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