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Jogging With Roussel 16 Part 7 & 8

Jogging With Roussel 16 Part 7

At exactly the same time that Canterel and his band of cohorts were preparing their ascendency modulation within the Asian timeline, Cantagrael and Prof. Majesty had already begun their first big Mayan push, emplacing water distribution portals throughout central America starting at about the year 795 CE. Discretely installing trans-temporal quantum flux modulation frames designed to force feed specific material identities, namely water, in this case, into the environment, thus altering the course of the Mayan, and related cultural complexes. Creating vast new aquifers, and restoring in their entirety, the networks of cenotes among the major city-states, Cantagrael and  Prof. Majesty endeavored to extend and alter the length of the high classic Mayan period until their first visitation on the eve of the arrival of the Mahdi Fogar in Bahrain in 931. As events unfolded in Bahrain, Cantagrael, the Eloi / Chlortron avatar of Canterel took his childlike Eloi body which he had reconfigured to grow a long white beard so as to become the deity known as God L, and climbed atop Professor Majesty’s latest accomplishment, a gargantuan Chlorlock version of God K, in whose headdress he sat like a jewel, and which he operated like an amazing telepresent puppet.
God K was Chlorlock green of course, but only human from the waist up, the nether and locomotive region of the legs becoming an enormous snake’s body.  The armorial torso was an amazing feat of trans-temporal cybernetic design. Thousands of QFM frames were linked together and controlled by Cantagrael who could render their surfaces in any material, or turn them into full portals, or even holographic display pixels. Alternating bands of pure light could be broadcast as well as sending various flocks of birds, clouds of smoke, rains of gemstones, glyphs, sounds, winds, high speed bolts of lava, or water, or perfume, or pure hallu-cinogens, whole synthetic evolutions of miniaturized ecosystems could be created and mapped onto the torsos; Cantagrael had designed a trans-temporal server farm, and a sytem of complicated batch routines which could be controlled by a simple but elegantly designed staff which he carried in the headdress which served as an avatarial throne, for although they had sured up one of the creaking timbers of Mayan society, there were others. In addition to devastating droughts, there were nascent peasant revolutions led by peasant priests which had to be brought under control, as well as certain disease vectors. An army of Chlorlock Mayan warriors and mindless worker slaves would be following the emergence of God K and his God L / Cantagrael, avatarial head gem to sure up the problems of the teetering Mayan culture.
The headdress of God K was also a complicated affair, and though it appeared to utilize much of the syntax of Mayan graph-ology, it was wholly a functional technological analog of these more modest fantastical sym-bolic structures. God K’s face for instance was shielded by a hovering QFM mask which could be completely transparent or take on any imaginable visage rendered in any sub-stance, for instance a face made of living and tessellated green parrots flying effortlessly in place, as well as becoming an incredibly pow-erful weapon or method of persuasion. His helmet was covered in robotic appendages, and hovering further out many constellations of more QFM frames so that, Cantagrael could use his helmet top platform, and throne as a field laboratory. From the forehead of the helmet was an intricately beautiful sensorial adaptation, a tentacular antenna arrayed with sensitive systems in all manner of spectrums, from electrophysical to linguistic, and biological, the unit looking to the unsuspecting viewer like a fantastical tail covered in flexing mica spines, scales and chromatically shifting feathers, and leaves and metallic cones and schools of hovering constellated mites and tiny frames for automatic reconfiguring and instrumental accretions.
In the Atlantic Ocean, QFM construction frames were summoned and attended by Professor Majesty who looked out upon the Atlantic through a trans-temporal window as one would look out on a factory floor. The QFM frames beginning to construct an immense labyrinthine obsidian barrier which would be populated with large appropriately mythic Chlorlock beasts meant to produce a shudder, a shocking defeat, actually, to the nascent rationalism and arrogance of the centuries of explorers to come. The Zoroastrians would mitigate travel to the Americas on the Pacific side, and allow for other more unpredictable modulations in history, perhaps with the Japanese, or the Ainu, or Northern peoples, and of course the Indians.

Jogging With Roussel 16 part 8

On March 21st, 931 of the Gregorian Calendar, Operation Mayavesta, or ‘It’s a Mad Mad Mahdi’s World’ took place, and it just so happened that it coincided with the old Avestan Calendar’s New Year’s day called Narrooz which was the first day of the month of Frawardin. Fogar -al Isfahani had been seen in his cell covered in fur, and fishscales, and butterfly wings, and other things, and was summoned before Abū-Tāhir and sat before him in the palace at Al-Hasa where he was to be questioned. Discretely altering his appearance, Fogar began to resemble a wise young man of about 30, and yet there was something peculiar about his eyes, a kind of hypnotic strobing which was a subtle combination of butterfly wing and cuttlefish skin chromatics. Subtly mirroring all the facial expressions of Abu Tahir, and reflecting colors which already inhabited the room, Fogar gained command of the situation, and began to question Abu-Tahir instead. “Who is not an imposter in this world Abu-Tahir? For what person really ever knows who they are when like a pebble cast into a pond, the pebble passes quickly into obscurity leaving ripples that last, and which pass throughout all time, and causing more pebbles to be cast. Only a Mahdi who claims to be false can ever be real, the true Mahdi is the Mahdi ad-Dajjāl. Not knowing that this very name had been used the night before in Abu Tahir’s troubling dream, even Fogar was taken by surpise when Abu Tahir fell on his knees and wept at the feet of Fogar, the new Caliph of the Qarmati Revolutionaries which were just then sweeping through the heart of Islam. As Fogar took the throne in a modest impromptu ceremony, outside 500 Chlorlock Gargantuans arrayed in clouds of TTQFM frames surrounded the palace and immediately constructed a solid obsidian wall 100 meters thick and 200 meters tall. Blazing flaming calligraphy appeared on the outer surface of the wall announcing the coronation of the Mahdi ad-Dajjāl. Then Chlorlock soldiers and Eloi scientists began pouring through portals which starting popping up all around the palace and accociated grounds. Fogar entered into a rapture of lycanthropy before the gathered officials morphing lyrically between thousands of combined and kaleidoscopic species. Canterel and Professor Majesty stepped through a portal into the throne room dressed as ancient Magi and dressed Fogar in a resplendent armor of microtesselate TTQFM frames as a security measure should any of the primitive superstitious peoples they would be living with decide to attempt to kill Fogar before they could win them over with the pleasures and virtues of their highly advanced and customizable cultural apparatchic. Canterel approached Abu Tahir who appeared to have gone slightly insane, and handed him a beautiful wooden marquetry box which had a small brass hole in the center of its lid. As Abu Tahir looked at the box, a holographic map of the Earth appeared, a real time image of the earth taken from myriad TTW’s in space, and he showed Abu Tahir how to touch the globe, make it larger or smaller, drill down into the image. Abu Tahir was carried out of the room looking happy but perplexed at what had just happened. The Fogarian Empire had begun!

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