Friday, August 2, 2013


tong flu wot its 
paving beetle shirv this 
thatch head hollow with 
klein blue bladder warts 

see it talk (to hot pink moles) 
 I don't believe in anything 
but Grandma rondelay 

rondelay the stick 
fetish dreams in jell-o 
the battle mecha of Alice's 
wonderland mushroom 
gives good 

a soft wet eyeball 
pursues you 
through the moor 
John Houston 
speaking Gaelic 
to sepal rock toed barriers 

 and before its puce 
could be tallyed 
the moor in a high polish 
pecan armor laid out 
its green tongue for 
debate chittering 
 and the cornulinguids 
followed it 

their IBEX blowphones 
curling toward the whip 
elastic sun tong FONG 
FOO the little lique 
quoo oow most 

of those people by then 
were already pre-formatted 
for the social bots, but we 
held our steaming bladders 
to the ROG of the MOOR 

 John Houston 
Hooka Caterpillar 
baked in aspic and 
cornulinguids ALICE 
grown tall as a 
redwood thick and shiny 

pecan breeting faundew down 
into the crenellated leather bells 
of the HYEGUFF mutonzphere 
our kinoki wand paws rub out 
like fern beards 
 the moonstubbed platypus fellers 
with their succulent 

lithop toe toads bellowing 
toward the knee cones / all 
fungus teem uni

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