Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Pure and Holy Noise Poem (Sketch)

casket racket raccoon for high noon at tea
will follow me Sophie Calle now displace the green faced man
something udder more popular well formed well founded
a row of plates spinning on sticks beside a winding road
a policeman has put me up near the window
where the poison light of authenticity has chewed
its tear trail indian cigar wood carpet tongue away in
tapestries of pert chiaroscurpo philodin din
dendron night

delicious gaze
peel my face back through windows
of grass blades
the cold pink stone releases its pearl egg commentary streams

tennis racket casket ratcheting up the neck
tic sic fever reve
homeless or schwa based
lesser than or greater than
good's fall into bad
bad's ultimate victory
as good (estressar
discovering new species of mammals
for clown hat to child born double decker bus line
the whole long london cauldron  scene
with the yardbirds veena toulouse

connecting the diamond skull
to a gargantuan frankenstein
made from reconstitooted mastadons

so that this huge hairy mastadon golem frankenstein
can build up his image (in the top hat media) as the new
Dr. Hyde-Jekyll
for creamier garden dances

style and cream
before a badger

putting back its long eye on skin
and toward the foam (nipple pumpkin thimbles acoustic trite agromancy)
neon eons of eohippus make a headband of cuneiform
Hipparchus Eustace
to the heroic model for a flag

watch that model gag
on a fig (the sunshine
as it slithers through the bicycle frame
on the coat of arms

ours the glory of cloned mobius
and the sneaky dexterous fold

my snake arms pain plain
and electric by-product messier
no poet knows
how luminous filaments
came to be inside the pear-shaped earth
or the valley
when the war on Mars was full swing

Oh her almond colored earwigs sampled such musty plutonic fobgoblins


electricity arcs out from its sucking soft silt navel
friend oppossum is wed to a pug mask of woven mint

our ghetto letters begin:
in labyrinths of lampshades
we wandered nude in soi sointuisa
with dual skunk's tail eye-patches
the old soft wares of myth
a curdled turtle for adam's adamsaddle apple

If you pull my eye tales
does not my brain pop out?

and ĝuotoj golden fit
(lesser isles name us / esportati, petrosità,
poetastri, posterità, protestai, storpiate] before the
solvent convent of 'i know'
weird multiplicities in the time of Napoleon
are covered by bets on ceratophryid tupperware
to a garden's pet hermit
all their vocabulary has left the building
and the scrapple crabs move in with the cheap felt
to re-build Rome as some obscure
head phone antique mall
over looking the royal gorge

gorgon hot air balloon
come rising at the falls'
specific natural gradient

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