Friday, August 30, 2013

Derivative Risk

Stultus factus est omnis semita nisi mirabitur. 
~from a letter of Brumachius to his wife Frigia [4.20]

A fasciole of a
spatangoid sea urchin will
utter the connective clew

Computational Irreducibility

inertia, or meditation?
or phasmidical barrier
reducing explication?

y: the path of the firefly
passes by the knights
as they appear to be

y: in the cool autumn evening
the odd fellows camber
polt and grue the [4.20]
external semita (graond-grille-fond)

y: now the path rounds the hedge rose
and slopes down to the patterned field
where the dolls amass as
laser skinbloom [steeple]

y: the flowered knights led
them (all) along a path
there the gravel was of number

y: one knight of orchid quill helmet
and flaming halo liquid bee
should touch the tail (he brings)
to the wheel in the earth

y: and we all 'in happy stopping'
reveal a number to the moon
our cafe' ALBoTROON
these flaneurs kiss kraal edewen

y: now luciole the latin
firefly knight will breathe
upon the gordian wheel
and double doubled its
tool fed semita for knights
move flashing in the fog
of orchids

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