Wednesday, August 21, 2013

glucose pong radiation door dawns dove wing tiara (airbrushed on a van)

bullfrog heraclitusk with a paper lantern chin a feathered collar what no head say their sparks channeled into a ringing spray and the mermaid cannons roar for the glee of you and a sailor all powder blue for an iron mermaid some wheels if foam = mermaid, then vector bundles and spheres line bundles and divisors see them sing glass granules Deformation Theory #Deformations of complex manifolds (collective If any nude does a handstand atop chocolate pedestal, would witch cherry cleft a paper lantern banana? giant steel antlers enable the human chickens to intermingle with the blue gas economy (droppings can not undoe deer h) Noise is the great ego of it all. Information is noise. Representationalism is also noise. Jean Luc Godard invented all the American people. a punctum is to syntaxis what a puny punk rocker is to traffic (but we feed upon endlessly in the great and hovering hive) i/s t/o n a reflection from a chrome bumper you see the cave's entrace like a horizontal crack running along the beach cliff's compacted s& if death is not an easy totalism then what is it? if the self, shelf, or currency of events is not self-evidence, then what orothay? In what way does the everything not say anything? When pure phaticism results does not vicissitudinality become nude? Do Adam and Eve not remain naked after dialectics? What are 26 of the most important English elements? And what compounds do they Latinize? Can you see this hyphen burned onto my forehead by a lava brush? decravity incysts eye ghee ewe, wayfaring manger and there, as pompous as an ambergris booger in Leger's domain, went Sea Bug Jargal w/ all its juggertoys knotted in a trein for leprauchauns are boogers to a brownie to found a rambling hut on a secret beach where only a gargantuan black stone sphere remains I still remember when all the egomantic assholes put up gad's gates around their garage sale oeuvre and called it controvirsey of terminal Vril and stood proud by my porcupine of blue sky which wasn't understood by the waves for I was one of them their feud cascade or casa cadre's henescence he is not known by the townies which surround him, but only in the international cock-fighting world or the complete collection of indonesian butterfly stamps egu pic became a composite identity, computation has many names, the reason why Syntaxis supercedes (&X- sedes) dialectics is the same unreason Siva and creation is destruction. There is no 'negation' but only topos.. Syntaxis, by consciously ackowledging the 'infinite series' ironically echoes Jesus' "They know not what they do.." as context, not abstraction, tho Zoe is always abstracted.. Syntaxis is always a cognomen of Zoe ie (even in doing what they know). 1sigh hope to see: VAGUS TWANG POST_CONTINENTAL BLUR(P) or~ Oh, This blog of the Shadrack holding up the mirror of oddity is often a thankless task, lokilily, no one knows I am doing that.. Newsflash: Ganja replaces gangrene and verdigris with 'juju-gain' (ie cardboard is punk) A Hudson River Skull a piano for the donkeys I prefer the Totentanz Saint Vitus shouffley with Filipo Negroli and the Lethur Chefs conceptual absurdist expression is different than traditional absurdism as portrayed in something like R. Kostelanetz's 1965 "The American Absurd Novel" /the precise difference being that there can be no 'meaninglessness' but only pure meaningfulness, but instantiated via 'infinitesimal steps' like the equation 1/infinity.. this programme of expression is fully cognate with a "semiotics of scale" and transcends the human scale by fragmenting it into oblique unconscious 'acts' which figure as part of the composition of a total figurality of reality understood as complexity undergoing semiosis (aesthesis) or 'growth' (deformation) whose story is cryptic tho It is in this sense that my blog and everything I produce might be said to produce "an Absurd American Novel" semiosis in the context of a 'mechanical' computation nonetheless in evidence, hence, a 'conceptual absurdism' which foregrounds read as organicity The daily tweets and blog entries to be considered as artefactual fitness. This also eschews a traditional determinism of bounded expression sources and considers private process as emblematic of a phatic shift within a generative register following continental aesthesis and semiosis, computationalism, to elaborate a deterritorialization which itself only serves to nullify the difference btwn constructionism, and complexity itself. This meta-spherical produce is about the figurality of 'deformed spherics' or a semiosis of 'motivated spherics' echoing iconicity's claims of representation with a gesturality of transfigured translation the lines and phrases complete letters words sentences and sometimes thought but remain 'drawing' in the classical sense, as well as a departure from that sense, remaining informed of the historicity of the relationship between desire and representamen as symbolized in something like the poem by JMW Turner: The Origin of Vermilion, or the Loves of Painting and Music and decoded eloquently in W. J. T. Mitchell's What do Pictures Want? which presents the cathected line of the letter, poem, and drawing to suggest a unitary faceting of seduction, and one which allows a near infinite numer of openings also cognate to the continental figure of rhizome which we translate as -wrythezoeme vestibules Ontology's fullness and malleability often render it invisible, or polarizing, but the wrytheome feeds on these metastasizing mimicking their formalism only to place in juxtaposition with them the pure potentiality of the line, the gap, the profundity of the mark as the aegis of tecne, the resumption of appearance whose 'logic' is the root of all logic, as 'picture' is the root of all being. 2 cabmukort pickled yellow penguin tacked up inside a kite worn as a mask by a slobbering man sporting two independent jaw levers or wry-thez-o-eme Sometimes Puppeting the Auteur just means Puppeting the Auteur [EGU Writhilarktics) Move a litte to the orbverse, wait, stop! My candle heap wick stain (design)/ lightbulb corncob mobius moo goo guy pan flaking rotodendrite unkle flotsamhain Rebuked by Terato-Exoterics In the singularity which is syntaxis, process transcends all determinism if a roc floats above a nest of books: sinbad bad sign ~Musashi and yet procedes by determinism Bosch, Bacon, and Banisadr, an unexpected but logical conclusion both prescription and proscription are passe', and yet both pass for original theory space audit I have Tex-Ray Vision. I see nothing but chopped beef BBQ and bloodbath rodeos, every book I read is Conan the Barbarian, so on and so on. garbage champion ‏@slime_golem 10h I wish there was a religion of the Grotesque with analogues of the orders like 'cultural studies' and 'absurdists' , 'the serious' etc sort of the same way I feel, except I replace 'sing' with "engineering project" and 'doll brain' just completes the joke circuit initiated by Plato and completed by Korzypski's Structural Differential. seme. which through common resistivity and solar power burn red hot @ the longi-latitudinal north pole we emplace a ring of 12 20m high iron hands for wanderers enshrining common decency as clock space @kg_ubu the pearl was ashen, blue, and sported illuminated diamonds along its flippers It was an orange, and he wore a glass top hat People love transgression. People hate transgression. The Earth itself is indifferent, its progress is para-determinsational.. Which came first? Morality? Agriculture? or Over-population? Is making people moral, or something closer to gambling? Is complexity itself stupid? #ART and make it up. Set the counter to zero framing, framing. In the Master, an 'ambiguous chemical mixture' becomes a character. It's really the only character: X. as its qualia is both subsumed and upset. Chemistry is employed by EUCHARISMA, Politics is the external evidence of human beings becoming entangled and mangled in the schizzor-baaleen of ontology.. lamps fashioned on the hashish lathe of heaven enormous glass bubbles are formed as the satellite gestures with its molten silica chelicerae, and float away "well, you said it was just a story" "the monkey's paw, i read it in school": COEUR ZIPPO'S REPHANGE

one of them and divisors lines and phrases in juxtaposition with of heaven enormous orders like noise. Jean sedes) dialectics is great and hovering which wasn't channeled into a the human scale from that something like R. the self, upon endlessly see them sing cherry cleft float away pole we emplace a religion of you and a It is is employed X. as W. J. invented all the stupid? #ART glass granules Deformation beef BBQ register following continental shouffley with are boogers secret beach and called it monkey's paw, i complexity itself common decency Barbarian, so be no 'meaninglessness' Puppeting the Auteur unreason Siva Kostelanetz's 1965 the beach decoded eloquently in I still para-determinsational.. Which In the Master, domain, went What are 26 and yet both where only a it into trein for leprauchauns line, the just a around their garage nest of of Painting fitness. This do.." as of expression naked after dialectics? determinism Bosch, is Conan the by Plato rambling hut Puppeting the Auteur "well, you computation nonetheless in see the and complexity itself. (design)/ American people. its juggertoys and make and the mermaid them the pure antlers enable the what way but the process as between desire and of a become nude? see nothing the blue is it? if would witch counter to wore a Earth itself is organicity The daily prefer the by JMW and malleability Morality? Agriculture? Sea Bug ZIPPO'S REPHANGE their sparks like a horizontal litte to the if death is circuit initiated ewe, wayfaring manger remain 'drawing' Tex-Ray Vision. I pure phaticism results in something which foregrounds reason why Syntaxis wick stain of the relationship hive) i/s t/o in the context everything I produce root of all emblematic of a phatic shift aesthesis and semiosis, traditional determinism a deterritorialization and he a cognomen through common resistivity topos.. Syntaxis, the international cock-fighting completes the joke chocolate pedestal, an 'ambiguous all the egomantic Do Adam bullfrog heraclitusk with hot @ as part moral, or something can not undoe of the composition burn red cognate with a semiosis (aesthesis) or complexity undergoing informed of elements? And yet procedes by of ontology.. lamps profundity of Totentanz Saint Vitus It's really there was said it was analogues of the syntaxis what BLUR(P) or~ Oh, what they brush? decravity incysts series' ironically all determinism blue, and sported My candle heap traffic (but Terato-Exoterics In context, not abstraction, know not sense, remaining say anything? When the singularity supercedes (&X- rocker is to blue for an by a glass top and one which in Leger's both subsumed and within a generative Rebuked by computation has many = mermaid, echoing iconicity's said to produce external evidence of the schizzor-baaleen silica chelicerae, and to place of Vermilion, cave's entrace and solar power of rhizome of 'deformed spherics' and verdigris illuminated diamonds along Banisadr, an "semiotics of of 'motivated spherics' Vril and on these by EUCHARISMA, cryptic tho sphere remains we feed glass bubbles considers private mangled in from a of the letter, tweets and as the aegis one of them and Music and if a roc events is the only character: TWANG POST_CONTINENTAL A Hudson totalism then what might be 'growth' (deformation) one knows chrome bumper you whose story is the longi-latitudinal north remember when piano for and Eve [EGU Writhilarktics) most important English mobius moo rodeos, every gargantuan black stone but chopped rotodendrite unkle flotsamhain is not the historicity as a mask to intermingle with appearance whose crack running along prescription and proscription brownie to This meta-spherical allows a near a paper handstand atop in this read as Filipo Negroli and I feel, except same way vestibules Ontology's fullness in the classical to suggest story" "the iron mermaid becomes a character. this hyphen the mark names, the or casa the townies project" and 'doll of tecne, gambling? Is with 'juju-gain' giant steel serves to lantern banana? a lava This blog of task, lokilily, no blog entries Can you see a unitary faceting jaw levers or also cognate to cannons roar for logical conclusion both spheres line bundles composite identity, in the no head say syntaxis, process transcends 10h I wish ie (even unexpected but T. Mitchell's human chickens high iron hands of openings world or the sense, as well eye ghee 12 20m but only in up the orbverse, wait, stop! what they yellow penguin Korzypski's Structural Differential. , 'the serious' I am doing its qualia is by consciously often a thankless knotted in a chemical mixture' 'cultural studies' so on. garbage hope to is no and there, closer to is punk) chin a feathered I replace 'sing' my forehead by sense that my fashioned on was ashen, know). 1sigh Noise is the cathected line as portrayed in all logic, as and bloodbath which is (ie cardboard everything not Want? which presents sources and the resumption of butterfly stamps the glee of seme. which like the poem Turner: The Origin the equation 1/infinity.. is different nullify the Bacon, and the donkeys I translate as -wrythezoeme nude does a Ganja replaces gangrene to a of seduction, that there can deer h) a gesturality they Latinize? total figurality which itself only scale" and transcends currency of cadre's henescence he for wanderers enshrining being. 2 read it complete collection tho Zoe is of Zoe does the difference btwn constructionism, found a pass for original human beings representation with the Shadrack holding of reality as clock space in doing of the books: sinbad bad an ambergris booger of transfigured gad's gates 'negation' but only evidence, hence, a not an easy I was burned onto echoes Jesus' "They champion ‏@slime_golem the root of infinite numer or Over-population? Is by fragmenting blog and of a 'mechanical' always abstracted.. brain' just mirror of a ring of of complex manifolds it up. of the tacked up inside also eschews a which we but only pure hate transgression. The etc sort the Grotesque with Syntaxis is always What do Pictures 'logic' is stood proud by blue sky progress is "The American Absurd Theory #Deformations see: VAGUS becoming entangled and than traditional absurdism is noise. Representationalism Luc Godard pan flaking invisible, or polarizing, ackowledging the 'infinite which figure to be considered often render it egu pic not self-evidence, then my porcupine of about the figurality Politics is the sporting two independent if foam ego of potentiality of the shelf, or known by book I read that.. Newsflash: River Skull a bundles and became a in school": COEUR conceptual absurdist expression 'infinitesimal steps' like Move a transgression. People lightbulb corncob instantiated via sometimes thought but controvirsey of terminal of indonesian are formed are passe', then vector collar what wry-thez-o-eme Sometimes of bounded expression metastasizing mimicking a punctum 'conceptual absurdism' @kg_ubu the pearl floats above a is also Jargal w/ all as the gas economy (droppings just means the continental figure not remain was an orange, with "engineering understood as understood by oblique unconscious 'acts' n a reflection the Lethur Chefs computationalism, to elaborate the same American Novel" semiosis (collective If any which surround him, the great hat People love came first? the hashish lathe claims of zero framing, framing. satellite gestures this programme on and translation the does not vicissitudinality and 'absurdists' produce is is fully their feud cascade representamen as symbolized Set the indifferent, its is destruction. There cabmukort pickled what compounds do a paper lantern as a departure with its molten as pompous as some wheels on a making people and completed by the waves for ringing spray a puny punk its flippers It wrytheome feeds complete letters words Novel" /the precise their formalism only a kite worn difference being goo guy sign ~Musashi and or the Loves cliff's compacted s& poem, and drawing audit I have it all. Information sale oeuvre is to "an Absurd sentences and as artefactual or a semiosis and creation sailor all powder assholes put up theory space oddity is gap, the upset. Chemistry 'picture' is the what orothay? In slobbering man meaningfulness, but

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