Thursday, August 8, 2013

Captain Speke Meets Sunna and Mtesa / only night wills a crimson wound (el darakah)

possibly morbid
in the Q the rhino

saucer vedic
xiphias the vegetable feeder

thought composite would not convey
that enigma to you

there the hovering hides bespell
and singhauta madu or maru

the crutch dagger of the wild Bhils
green paper they covet
this thing water's anteloping

adaga, or 'adage'

or Q penumbral vestment

would shake off
into face leaves left
heft whole

possibly moire
bidding lines up rope
por pis

O Mawingo wingo

what grass labyrinth
did you leave your body in

this time?

the old attacks
are some of our latest

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