Thursday, August 15, 2013


Emperor Cellphone
your transcendent glory is a set
of antenna horns which look like
cinnabar grasshopper legs spraying
scented mists

in a penumbral nimbus
like an infravaginal
mandorla eye subsuming
your vulgar cranium of joy

Emperor Cellphone
your perfumed electromagnetic
mist labia make every letter

every word
purr - loined
every jingoist
a lavender
conch patty
covering nose nippled

why must you roam
so far from my cellfome tower
with your supple delicious
bunion 'suppmercifuls?

Emperor Cellphone
why is my poetry
like a cornflake
on the ocean floor
used as a gruesome door
into the supernal cochlea
of ageless blaring atlantis
whose jade trumpet cob skeletons
dance around magnificent mint
hyderabads weeping gulls
over lodestones
whose silver starfish gloves
are tweeting rainbows
into heavy black granite cubes
that come to watch
these dancing jade trumpet cob

O Emperor Cellphone
will you make a thousand
non-arbitrary clones from Ambergris?
Will you spare the phoenix of toothbrushes?
Will you enter Greece wearing a cardboard hat
with a woman's face on it?

Will you replace the captains of industry
with balloon dogs playing poker in lavender
leopard skin leotards?

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