Friday, August 30, 2013

Necromancy Tu Jour: Ochs von Lerchenau Who Climbs a Mountain


It was a from a kid named Herb Salad. Que Sera, Sera..

I don't pay much attention to me, surpise, equipment will do nice thing, what are we fighting for?
The jungles of Arn? Back? Finer. Froze spit hanging in the sky.. Jack boot trap.
Can't even bury him.
Should I go back home, and do things to myself?
Tim spawned just one kind.
Order for no one.
Pisco think Solemn?
Yomm Kippur, trumpet plug.
the original sound continues on
as a bifurcated fish
like a trident
whose gentle curve
a cock:
Ochs von Lerchenau

Any incidents with the dead german night?
no sir!
[sound of sirens in the distance]

safe evasive action.
to me.
Mr. Pippin!
Come swallow all these men.
That's next to the glasses.
we knots as horoglasses come in low.
new mic! no bottles!
Be careful. no nipples.

The retractable electrified flagellum
is a weapon as well as a method of communication
with others of its kind.
The invisible mirror of oxygen, orc's gem, culture.
It's slips off healthy. I'm gonna get a big bag out of this.
No one.
mandatory face the rails (lawn mower)

Bad Genius!
Worsh down the hole.
Hank, slow up. Hank.
Don't figure, kid, Google did that.
Sol Losh.
You've never seen an Aryan blaze.
Yes. To keer what dippers made a farce,
as here on land.
All I kneed is the Irr that I breed, and to lump puice.
Of course here tonight, we're closer.
What did I do?
Some watch.
Is zis okay Zisso?
I'm just gonna watch you, sir.
Well, what do you say?
Just gimme back my watch.
Innocent man talking to you.
Hiss eye.

I need to protect this sensitive boob.
You didn't have to protect Reafrika.
That's why you made it all out of gilt.
She sokes your excuse.

lucky fer me, personal kids.

I'm the dry kissing 
first one.
Stop calling back.
What's purpose of this hall?
Say Ear Ha / Muhu Ha
Everything in the world is thirty words.
Your name.
Adam Hirn.
That's all the other language ever knew it!

He's staring that's all.
He knows.
You can see it in his eyes.

I don't want his eyes following me around for the rest of my life.
Sarcola POW feel better.
it drips down on you've got a chance bald Laszlow.
No jawbone cools A-side up
in the diagram.
yep. ju get it?
40 bux.
i'll do it my way.
wheat nuts.

Introducing little Canada Rosy.
How you gonna murder a guy like that?

I'm gonna hack the infield.

hook that! hook that!
I'm gonna tell you about a night dancer!
go back up my borscht hat.

aerosol all over the bribe space.
i think my own crabi crab.
yiknow sumptin>
He said REAL AXE
relaxin' OVER my sweater
is CHAMPION of the world
I'll let you hold my money while I waltz
Don't forget me son
It can't be JOY!
ding dong!
solid gold forks
you're not fun at all
next time
doing labor
gunchy plus bastard!

hey milieur
you started this war
and you aint got nothin
aint your brother owns a chinese restaurant
down on charlse street
This was a good ship
and I lived
and I'm the one in the stuka
luois deck gi-ana
now its all mellow violin digrams
i gotta play me
to what
can i live here a couple of days
hey hey?
Its duricious..
I gotta do it.
I gotta do it.
Make his face Zoe.
follow me.
his eyes.

Why do I gotta do it?

There you go, Cobra.
Top black.
knows shoe.
He says he owns you.
he's right, that kid.

Hold that thing over my head.
It's private.

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