Monday, August 19, 2013


clake! clake!
en oval embattlemet wattle a brick
a bricholure a licht a lixotour von
helmholtz sa
fa sa
Freud all in black in black top hat
at the funeral of Carl Von Rokitansky
and each with carved mottled and near transparent jade cameo
inner pocket medallion depicting
the great and naked Hercules on the moon
wearing a soap bubble space helmet
and raising his club over the green lion slug
its hydra mane of schitzopodal eyeball stalks
like heavy limp sea weed

born from an atom bomb of ale
the greasy hand
the yellow faux fungal eyes carrying their blue diamonds
up from the depths
blind miners of prayer to make an edible clown's face
under wrought iron galleries

In the 19th century a wrought iron space station depicting dna
emerged from a top hat in space

clake! clake!
butter weaves its dom
the oiled world is bred through sticks
their beards taste like green onions
cubes of fog digress this
our pupa forlarded as exclamation
non-representational philosophy hunkering
in a boot

heavy weevils of milk sorting letters with their shiny ceramic mandibles
within the cochlea of the saguaro of grey corn

auld bleating cynogloss ver vit truk butte thin liporetude
is its shame a flat ingot star
producing camelid wind or the twisting torque
of something

nozzle austhentic virtude
they legislate its mineral wan
and close the fan upon the lap lands
its rosy cheeks use tiny blades
its childsthigh murmurs
are the coiled grasses barking blind reins
cloud framed windows
their fields of magnetic flux cupids
auton pattiern


I have come early Miss,
a delicate longshoe
for the catchmeuplacings you are


Saint Lea
letter Black
remember white symbolism
to father hole

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