Sunday, August 25, 2013

Memnable (2BC

men in a state of nature

Thomas Pynchon's grandmother.

With a wicker roof
the wasps don't talk about it all
i want to finish this discussion on

'the next major police force'
tied circle

my innocence or 'inner sense'
is a violens I descend into lovingly,
and lovingly moves demonicly
Jules Verne 
in total scaleless energy
amnesty for a squid report
deep deep relays
Katoptric poptimisrm

imagined penguins in bowlers
at the mouth of the cave
but the ocean
like a violin
was cruelly solemn
and beautiful
a woman never conquered
and never left alone
zipfer fuming
'something i agree with'
queasy signs of terror

Can't you wait, boy.
I'm having dinner
with dinner.

I'm having dinner with Verdillac...
"thick skin"

I picked you because you seem like a nice
driving fast with high voltage whiskers

i thought about the pretty sounds you make
while pressing on the gas.
clean clear ingots of ice
you crack with your prosthetic jaws
in the nth circle of hell

a top hat made of silk
and a top hat made of good liver
why Goya
loved miniaturists
for Pandora wept
before the vague

and as it fed
its nurture was brightened

timeless tales of beauty
like crabs wrapped in particolored silk
and held aloft by balloons
as a staircase

pleats cue phonograph horn overhang singing hibiscus that fringe the cuff
with a prerecorded rumbling airiness, the inside sound of shell, the quiet god of orthography's
ursince ear to every veristic coin's cobbing bob black rummage the inth coal kingly what pace star in hyme absohymula forspoken
entangled with the dummy its inverse pyramidical illuminism trys the field
as if a huge thing of 2x4s resembling a huge blind built up from paltry particles
were trying to be the boat in a naval spectacle there in ancient rome
but instead became one of those
beautiful umpires of the beaches
a "still life guard"
a shark watcher's mirror
a stone which burns the clue
to heft
awakening as a freshly padded
butchelore mach sheen
awake but packed
in freezing diamonds
but floating in the ink.

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