Monday, August 26, 2013

and lines

the prince its, feat dispell, one for the, line
to tell, but the line, had risen higher, above
the lining, and the series, set sere seers, above
the line for, underneath its printing, was another
once, untold, that basilisk fume, whereby our songs,
sounded delimitings to, cherish, perish or prove,
the roving eye, a minstrel letter, led, its leaden
purse, proved curfew, and the languors,
consumed the line, and the careening,
dread looked all, family askance its,
kenning tiers, and all the, tiers
were fed, through the obvious,
courtier of the, same sound regal,
origin, a face, whereby the object,
could be known, but never touched,
to entirety. and, how hold the, snout,
where the wind, its dear antler, sniffed
out from, the ear so, crimson cool in, clover,
and where the, pool sloped to, the lip and, sloshed
over, there, a form would, defeat another born, the
sound of, its other ahover, like a plover, cunning wrist
which, bent the bay, and florid amethyst, corroder what
could, consist the recorder, where further sounds, sent
years away, to torpor, I hear the, hart to the prince, its
line command, and come what, hand to feat, what fell
beneath, to order the, clover, snout prove fume, the
obvious sorter, the same perfume, the same hart,
once wrath, its printing another, prince to tier, the
tiered eye, and all the, balconies of that, terrible
frame are, alive with engines, and lines ______

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