Friday, August 9, 2013

Looting the Tie Closet, for old Shadow Puppets (and finding nothing but carving cheese)

What happens 
when you replace a navel of snakes
with a teacup of killers,
Howard Hughes
preserved in the earwax
of Johnson and Johnson
of Marlborough on Kent?

The voice of language, is the voice of every object class,
I have no mouth, but I must feed.
I feel in my mouth
for a hat.

It was there at high noon, that I was befriended by the Clancy Kang
and summoned unto their faincy soiree'..
Toddy Nippple Sargeants
clog the letter holes whiskey
with judgement's flux rods.
letter 6's for goons..

Sometimes the bleak companion is ascendent
and sometimed revered.
I reverse those spells on American soil
and let simple animality
feed from our hunger.
Two parties is enough
for a crippled mind.

Ontology is like a thimble
keeping wasps
out of the navy.

Sometimes a molecule will embarass you,
but sometimes it can
award you gas in awkward climes.
I still revolt, but less it seems.
Value is already so adulterated with rationality.

My name is Francisco Goya.
I invented the internet.
for Saturn in drag.

This is my stop, you can let me off.
No, you can't come up for coffee, we might fuck
or trade external liver fish chimpanzees.

The original chaos was not human, but it feels safer to think of it that way, and in turn, the chaos of humanity is not human either.
Nobody knows the real history of the universe.

You could use a bull's tongue as a necktie, and some have.
Even a human tongue could be a bow-tie.

I know. I'n haning trougle with my lungs again.
Purple velvet lung parrots are seeping into my intertube.

And I'll take the high road, and I'll do the house work..

The real roots of Continental Philosophy are a bit more surprising than you have been led to believe.

What if we just describe the world in a coded psychadelicized language that obscures its own banality in the opposition of wonder.
I just bought an air-guitar.

Are you a 'mimosa tree' tied into an 'invisible radical'?

My tonsils are hallucinating bat corn, jade bat corn mushrooms bleeding silver fang coins.
I own a mirror whose frame is shark's mouth.
I own a river whose nose is a chord.

And for a saddle
you'll use the snapping harlequin robot turtle face
birthed from your infinite afroferndog'stailsideburns.
Mickey Mouse Pharaonic Electronico.

my eyesockets
could never be wide enough.

Use the fruiting.

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