Friday, August 16, 2013

The Death of the Master

after Francis Vielé-Griffin's IN MEMORIAM STEPHANE MALLARMÉ

profuse numb won
to orderly venning severed
the air veered all ire
and from the crotch
of the forging
rang chirally
and myrrh ored

and nous 
promethean and tied
was plucked 
for fingerling stringing lyre
the dog heads move
under the stoa
in the reign
its wildness

to pain
and flattened thereby
for the laurels 
of memory
their drunken
careen into
what's ouroficiality

and tame as Jove's one red
ichor eye
the destruction sang
blood volume go
and blood volume tang
with hilt its stone
a serpentine word

they light on 
in disgust
but move
drawn by something other
than the dust of their own
or other
nothing simple in the vision
of a crimson


mind punctum bindu
auld mehru or pluroma vagus
syndle this weregrith dourmane
its fluoringing blithe
and machic vvvraiment

pustulum en pustulem
soft light by limb enshroud
the foolish story of its self
or narrture rutting in the runny
rune hole holy as a lark

the fleet fine heir
of tube agast
for the mottled joy
was elusive
of gris-tel
the hour glans loin
mewls in lava to biblo
its caryontic thirst
method of a new sea
its laughing bond
the crust
the volloom chang'd
as a sound

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