Monday, August 12, 2013

Weird Realism (The Affect / Effect of Untranslatability Upon Massage Mediums)

develops a realist ontology called “onticology”. This ontology argues that being is composed entirely of objects, properties, and relations such that subjects themselves are a variant of objects.

By way of systems theory and cybernetics, STACK [OBJECT] argues that objects are dynamic systems that relate to the world under conditions of operational closure. In this way, STACK [OBJECT] integrates the most vital discoveries of the anti-realists within a realist ontology that does justice to both the material and cultural.

Onticology proposes a flat ontology where objects of all sorts and at different scales equally exist without being reducible to other objects and where there are no transcendent entities such as eternal essences outside of dynamic interactions among objects.

Many Mediums Interact with many messages,
soul sister.

In principle, puppets should not invade one's armpit
to create heraldic infections mimicking plant-life, but if could by a multi-valenced
matterphor, or PLOOP!

All of Human Literature considered as Kenneth Anger.

But my dogmatism is really cryptic performance art, I think?
I'm not sure either old boy, I think I have a touch of Valley of the Dolls fever...
I'm beginning to look like Art Linkletter's dotter.

Why Aristotle's name is a comment on the fate of Socrates:
Arrest the Toddler!
Networks or Wetnarrks, culture is a gabby haze..
Is that a tautological preverb?

Sometimes an unpleasant metaphor can mask a perfectly happy situation or state of affairs.
Ugliness sounds bad, but it's perfectly functional, and lives autonomously
in bliss, begging the question, What is orglimess?
Something beyond matter, or within?
Hold it in, Martha.
Metis irreductions Daidala.

We have to make a living from rhetoric, which means we have to lie as a form of creating a space for entertainment. It's been this way for years! How do we change? OR What do you repose?
I got nothin.. (slim pickings)
Untranslatency is all of a package.

Garden of Space were quite popular, but the hidden fact remained. These aseptic palaces of filtered air were becoming like vaults of clean fungal and pollution free zones where the thing in itself could perform its autonomy in peace without the interference
of the stupidity of content.

There's a long history of trouble between the idea makers.
We just want to use the washing machines, maybe grow some corn.
i don't even know exactly. Try to have fun I think.

occurs all over Andromeda.
It's overly simple to say
"It lives in the dust"
For as we forage, its pattern rests
until disturbed.
We penetrate all things with time.
Any one of our members
represents a certain number
of our framing possibilities.
We engage that number, that whole real number,
and ignore it completely.


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