Monday, February 15, 2016

a girth of turngull

torsions spew force manacle
gravity flame constellation wheats
visionary ghetto libretto
go willingly - kopf fibration
when butterfly knife haiku mountain parable
televisualize social iconic catastrophe weavings
monocle mandala window smirk
sword scar face gender wink
where swan head swastika drink
the four winds as absolute iron
flow dream cataract
shaman gravy cocoon ghetto
broken speech magnets orrery in-ahbit
botanical gondola trellis machinery
baroque lament
veroque laminate
bave clong dall
torsions icon scar
head swastika ghetto window smirk broken
botanical gender haiku cataract
the four winds as absolute mineral inflorescence flagellum
lace mandala prison
flow swan knife face magnets to wheat farce lucius
lyceum feral meteorite victims choose
visionary ghetto museum
swan head gondola pipe's burning
fecal homunculus savior
to power eggplant cherub races
televisualize baroque breast implant
artemis capitol building submarine
brace nong fall
the great black tongue is failure
the skittering beast episteme
its constellation pride alchemy clouds
masturbation digit philosophy
ancient meaning of vomit
army foreskin table settings
jawbone well
eyes loosed in boiling amber of psyche
to find winged octopi beak mother ratios
grim and domineering majesty
of animal history
grace uncandored by adoration
made ambiguous to grunt
and shy to werelphormlatune
grades of chemical mask
structure skin pole hierarchies
to rust nimble nictitating bobbin organs
where their smooth alabastard roots
take up their horns
to exult
or complain

brass knee spikes
hug the trunk

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