Monday, February 15, 2016


just woke up from the strangest dream.. was like a hip hop song sort of.. i kept hearing phrases like "interest free euro zone" and "absolutely offshore mainframe restaurant arrangement" on and on like that.. there was a subplot that hillary clinton had married a frenchman and had moved to an 'economic free zone' an interest free eurozone' which was an island in which the whole island was a restaurant.. but most of the people eating at the tables were in multiples, by which i mean they were stacked as clones one upon another in their chairs up to like eight people in some cases.. for what seemed like 10 minutes there was nothing but hillary showing a golden dental grille, and then it was just endless scenes of fricasseeing foie gras and moving through the streets of Portmeirion looking at people wearing their fanciful prisoner suits..

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