Thursday, February 18, 2016

i see

through the thin transparent donkey
of dream mucous cymbals
a fountain of promiscuous
pulsating ovules
golden in no mimicry

the no skull human unicorn horn
stretched like taffy to meet its maker
a corn cobbed toroid balloon mask
whose separate incubating cells
speak in kaleidoscopic foetus machines
lickerish with nictitating spigot analogues
spewing riots
golden in no mimicry

i see
barely even oven covens hovering
within me
peristaltic barrel vaults
polar haltings
range wars
of flagrant dim confettis
of blissfull mutant kachina knights
trailing banderole tapeworms
with medusan heads
of snaky popping champagne cork neck
golden in no mimicry

no meme i cry
mimi climb me
oh mimi

the tugboat on the secret harbor
is rife with harmonic laser mohawks
surskulpting the air curse
golden with nimrod mimi cries

i see
the colossus of rhodes
wearing the tower of babylon
as a helmet
dangling with knee-jerk unicorn orbs
in no mimicry

accept this as your first and final warning
being is
it is being
a thin transparent donkey
ridden by a cyclops
who carries the carnival triangle
to the flaming bud


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