Monday, February 15, 2016

things that emerge or emrage organically from 'grub thug'

grub thug bedeckt mith rag rug
puzzle piece to intoxicate solvent
smooth blue heavy stone lefted
ifted geft gift
lifted into canopy
sky compressed to gemstone
in black vein prison opal hyena fox lantern

lapidary gate face
shorn of albino penguin clock guards
replaced with glue-soaked roap figures

roap soap
soap cadaver
hanging glory hand
guillotine monument restaurant chain
soap on a rope
strange fruit drive through

grub thug gruppen nug
green nug golem he bilds in tray
while cleaning dirty joint bombshell

cinema eridu eridanu
some cliche cimmerian
hieronymous archimboldo

what pride of lion
no coat of arms
whille shorn
lps for shorn arms

lone single glass urn
40 tons transparent
plinth to conceal pipe

and urn
to become
high pressure
water cannon nozzle
archer of babylon square

park ladies strolling
bondage vinyl poodles
dainty umbrellas
men outlawed

locked in cages
tucked away

donkeys fitted for AI brains deep

donkey angels
ruling weird indifferent parks
of dreamers

buffet food
devil eggs

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