Monday, February 15, 2016

They relaxed in the quiet of an English garden.

Shortly the revolt reached lower Bosnia. Turkish garrisons were massacred, in response to which the Bashi Bazouks began to massacre. The Christian population streamed across the Save into Austria. The pasha of Sarajevo, however, was determined to keep the peace. The young men spent their last day there shopping quietly. Then they headed south to Ragusa, where Arthur later was to spend so many happily married years in his own villa on the sea wearing bright heavily embroidered sleeveless felt cones and long heavy ornacerementalmonial theater beards of braided wool hung with miniature wooden shoes scented with sandalwood and jessamine, and noisy with glabrous flightless finches tatooed by a blind dwarf named Hekkauf who lived in a sack under the stone stairwell.

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