Monday, February 15, 2016

one shining monkey

lifehair stink when singe
rabbit candle monkeys flame
for then the simpel sillies
the sullied everyday broken down

love burns in the center of the universe
of hair
its stinking candle
or now that romance looks at geometry
as a savior before its mother
to wed

the stinking monkey hair sings
great tomes of physics spread open
like a vagina of stone
before a campfire of frost
the universe sees backwards masking different
like a penis
with a halo of fire

the ocean seems bleak
until the gulls wheel before the old monument
where the painter in essence
attaches herself to color

color is the weird stink in philosophy
the alien element which cannot quite unfold
before the harsh military logic
of calories

color is before the great
and hair stinking religions of the world

life hair
strange columns
strange effervescing ceiling
seen from above
and from below

Piero Umiliani
is standing near the aqueduct

the river of science fiction

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