Monday, February 29, 2016

low flying glanstronomy

mo' dodgy dunce
mode odd jee dance

sprig of weasel paint
upon the dun gray door frame
upon the bird dun
nid pod then bird brain
sprig elvis weasel didgy dodgy

mo' dunce
mot dance

elect! elect!
shaggy magnetic girders
ajumble for the hole
a jumblo for the rumblo
shaggy shaggy mododgyduns
electric brain pod bird elvis
weasel fountain

painted weasel
elect the rust
elect the spherical large
total hole weasel rust
porch on rocking chair

stone rocking chair
sprig of easel gust
pray spraint teeth hair book
of elvis bone wallow sprint measel
fountain valley
ranch dreassing

ranch dressing
over stone rocking chair
sprig elvis rocking
sage mododgyduns

sage sprig measel
paints the log
elect! elect!
mododgydunce sprig elvis elevens
for shaggy magnetic girders

chain mail bird skulls woven together
in the holy hole
with bright dodgy sprig taint teeth hair books
a jumblo for the rumblo

spinning wheel betty crocker
kookoo astro pelt reign dar

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