Thursday, February 18, 2016

coldcuts from 1967 bro..

Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
The Kamchatka Peninsula is a long dry hair
of SAKE' entering the electric bath BRÖ
harumscarumhardihood best Adolphe
flattest sax shevel
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
I am calumny columny
clams opening in unison with a single
aspiring mind cleopatra
cleomater mater klee key
clay key
note knot sauvage hovage
hossenpfeffer collage gorilla
rigid vacuum tonsil griss gris
as a result of the merger of
Kamchatka Oblast and Koryak
Autonomous Okrug, based on the voting
in a referendum on the issue
on October 23, 2005
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
deep whale nascent whale
deep whale nascent whale
editor smoke lips Zygmunt Zintel
he say so sore say sew sewer soon say
stay direct manilla
keef butterfly mask approaching Major Müller
koum komu flange
bass flange komu chango erdogan
sangoma  Babalawo
a peep! a peep! redivunta
Koca Kasım Paşa district, Islahhane street
 Islahhane street Islahhane street
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ Adolphe Sax | BRÖ
editor smoke lips Zygmunt Zintel
he say so sore say sew
Admitting that he had had too much to drink
evergreen taxodium
tax odium iron cross fiddler fingle
window now shaped like a pond
in the green enduring hourglass fonzarelli
Sequoia was the result of a hybridization event
1967 full jazz electric bath interlude
shock wave halo storage
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
If I am a stern whale against this noise
If I am a sleeping baby inside this whale bath saxophone
if I am komu of deep sargeant underwear pyramids
deep pharaoh underwear
deep whale nascent turkey scream
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
endless goldsmith variations of brown
victorious control of all things
victorious control of all things
victorious morality of control
Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
make you wonder about satin
green satin tuxedo sofa divan drugs
an ancient hybrid between ancestors
of the giant sequoia and dawn redwood

dawn surquoia saxophone
dawn surquoia saxophone
dawn surquoia saxophone
green electricity golem is stem
only in ground
only in air
baby hair arugula

fennel faced
electric piano
on wayne shorter dryback chinese decibel android
of calligraphy
fire alarm!
fire alarm!
main stage multi head utility office
main overwriting tentacle breed officer
superficial back lighting

There are four rooms on the ground floor, none of them of much interest to visitors. On the 1st floor is the reception room, with European sofas, a large console table, and a chased brazier; a large sitting-room, with low banquettes around the walls; Kemal’s mother’s room, with a bed, a banquette, and a trunk; and the kitchen, equipped with contemporary cooking utensils. The most impressive room on the 2nd floor is the one in which Kemal was born, a large room with a banquette, his desk, and a large brazier.

tom thumb go schitzophrenia
kryptonite miyako playground
sur le tabla ravi shankara

Adolphe Sax | BRÖ | 1967
nova scotia
best bottle of
best bottle of
no more electric nomads curse
sit up in upside down
and sit down in downside up
for your own mineral interest
as a mineral

ataturk! go girl go!
men are bunnies in tarpit!
women are turks!
red shift basket.

deliberate congo.
and schitzophrenia
even in the allen ginsberg year I was born
the allen ginsberg year of the congo

make up your mind in stacks
make up your mind in sacks
saxo phone 5th avenue!
Sequoia superintendant!

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