Saturday, February 27, 2016

il guanto giunta

pretty peed the poppy urshaneed
glycol web banana spread thru fungal lama hotpants
hun mong ja hoe
which teaches all these ignorant characters
to assemble together
dissembling together sennero
lawha la gama de colores
bul jamila all dome bull xanadu
solid silver spheres for knee beards
gas drifting thru hover tiles
the oracle's abstract lingerie is lingering
in the mind of old Compór
labor tuned lickerish to the transquiloczar
letters all stiff ankles
words all limber joints
sentences all deaf bodies
lingering ben fang ban fong phun hong honpo
each canto is a leather bag
the snail's spiral staircase to Peru
pabsino or opabosco withholding giuggiolone
allaudo allaudo en clef
wah wah urshaneed poppy best
virago farrago perago:
I pierce
I transfix
I traverse
I harass
I execute
I finish
I accomplish
or complete
and all without a studded tongue
or tattooed skin
though every tongue enstuds
and every skin tattoos
the plane! the plane!
5 black eyes of mud
They both suffer and weep
in the aurora of tangles
In December of 1862 eight Peruvian ships landed
in Rapanui
harpoon fork shoe wasp saddle chair
supèrbia to swallow
the hook along with the bait
the three unities of classical tragedy
it is very easy for us here in the poem
of Screwtape's Virgil
Castelvetro found the whole notion
of ships turning into sea nymphs
ridiculous absurd implausible
but war and wandering
form the consensus
of the meaning
but not that joy
must be confined to funeral games
or collages

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