Monday, February 15, 2016

winter poet speak no evil know no mind

winter fléchette
the agreeable mood modulation photon frequency sound
smell of snow
dream of deep fur she'll be coming around the mountain
pine sled waking
their microcephaly

zeno eek a mouse
beyond transgressive rain
or below it
blue darts of medium sunshine fall down
into the fields of knots

probability such that
the branchings of a nude indecent tree of knowledge
need no ground for rootless cosmopolitans
to decry
pandoran origins
a midas navel
of divine error

apple mell
vain discrete
flat knossos
perverse poet minotaur

winter is then seasonal mask
for deer hind poet beast

beast poet
flailing primitively
drawing blow block and candle to shin
and chain

and painted mouth flanked by guardian bird cup laurel
beast poet
in snow

and the great jawbone of ice
which holds no allegiance
to any species known
or unknown

a great transparent criminal
of beauty

the erratic

or floral golem knights battling in the spring
to audiences of
hurricane orgies

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