Monday, February 15, 2016

World of the Pome-Book Question?

A book that tells everyone a different story. In the beginning, there is only the color and silence. And then a noise occurs. Bloop! The story can begin ... But what history? The history of that, the story of what? Where? When? These questions will match many "why? "Why the outbreak of the one and the other? Why one does eat the other? Why the explosion? Why the elements they disperse in the end? Fleeing they? Or will they colonize another world? The story she repeated when it is over? And how? It is up to the reader to bring their own answers these questions and to tell his story, cruel tale, science fiction scenario or philosophical metaphor. A story he will share with others, he will confront with the others. Who will be right? Who will be wrong? The book speaks differently to each and all readings that can make have their interest and value.

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