Saturday, February 27, 2016

the highlights

on its frog hair
michel houellebecq
becquerel gastronomy
investment template
all the abstract innovations
of green chinese ceramics
used to hold down
an ever lengthening scroll
upon which mammoth graze
in the distant past of earth
museum form
a squat bulb remained énorme
the carved wooden grilles of the central corridor
that rise from low balconies to reach
in a swooping arc
a great red ball
a glass sphere filled with red ink
push the annoying thing
to the bottom of the slop bucket
stanislaw lem chicken rotator cuff language
find the clover window
and hallucinate
the highlights
on its frog hair
the lilac generating manifold
the industrial
dandelion efficiency pact
thunder thistle face
smooth as ivory
buried beyond soil
in mystical soil
a weird music of dream bodies
laid in piles
slender blind snakes of fungi
swimming through them
tiny filamental poems
mixed to sun
no broadly overdone
irregular circuit
permanent topple
translating womb
golden shoe pipe idol

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