Saturday, February 27, 2016

jinna bora broad tide brones

do the nargyboogins svelte the besty
wherryairn they begin wite furl hipped
fuse pelvised grottowine
dune they nickel boned the mica
dat clod mind howd
whairl the runty wagon greens its speet safety arms
in thick iron curls their ice shed bunnits
and break off their tongue brims svelter furn cubes
the elder seal meat to its brow howd
tarmagentle fur cuffs turned under rotten
to the music which cans its boney tottle ribbon
and beacons beak and teak crown scraped hides
jackal cloister ring worm emperor enter toe
obelisk gooey more mutter or slither its
tonnes if shobby bhel the jaw leaf
this runt grown werd huge under bucket
and its tail penny trott the middle
with its spring lifting doggerel
say purple lads may come
with lyrry hide pike guit errins
gweet fauns ovvafald boemans
their crutch earbones muke ivy lemmen
ther jekka crue tarballibuskins ta jerkin
Yune flips
yule bladder coriander larva the cow
and run its head under roe for bope slotch
a wave ringer
the lucid dull omen shot its rancid merry
no more mineral than leper cones
but the hoo stain of deer
will greb the shaman's jokey knot
if the nargyboogins egg
the egg might lens a star tipped
nibble pumshen
a funicle
clur to the bubrubnit flamolkin hoo
and gerry asp candor

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