Monday, February 15, 2016

Say Hello to Tello


living with the abstract
forces of energy
as if the blind eye of the oracle's
eyesocket housed a wrecked
car overgrown with creeping
fig living with the abstract
forces an energy if it arise
and in the dim morning twilight
brisk distant silence the bird
applause of muffled thoughts against
the sonic diorama of labor's alien
nation cold milk shape of breath
in the equation of a porch
abstract arrangement of bodies
across a globe the eye will not
conceal the sealed and abstract form
with a passion only for their own age
will it not compare the dissident skull
beyond all averages there is
stillness in the center of the heartbeat
is the beast's throne
dappled with the the shining helmets
of pulvinaria innumerabilis
a memory of Max Uhle
at Pachacamac in 1896
literary cocoon
we may enact a sequence
abstract waves
of diffusion

living in energy

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