Monday, July 22, 2013


action must not fester in repose, but become itself, wholly, action resists all culmination, while repose fosters all action, but one is never the parent of the other, both, are eternally child-like, orphaned, and oriphical, unexplained by the

I put a scrunchy around a pasta box: big deal.

Cutting the Gordian knot: mostly positive, or
lsageme nerally.

For One Opium Headband, you will give me, a deer-ladder with a snake handle, two pet pigeons, 7 feral pigeons, two birds ghosts, and a pile of transparent rocks, okay?

Then later, I will give you a broken arm, and a beautiful 'wrist-bong'. Trade's pleasure consists in its weird inconsistencies.

Pink. Ah, fondest memory. fondest ore of grids.

No one knows about my ancient hairstyle.

as a boy, I toured the camera shops of old barcelona, smoking as I went.

Popeye Loves Caesar, Short, Brut, Green.
Anarchy and Carnival, always the ironic 'followers'
of some technical Vitus' Blemmy 28999888, Bough to Hairtick:
Come in Hairtick!

aduno altar Amma Amma created Amma's Amma's egg Amma's womb anagonno sala anay ancestors ara geu banu binu blood body bulu bummo calabash called cereal grains circumcision clavicles creation dene descended digu Dogon drawing drawn dugoy Earth eight emme emmeya female twin figure fish fonio four elements Fox's gaba ganna ginna giru gozu granary guyo Hogon infra inside installment kikinu kilena kize kommo koro kuloy lineage male millet minne mythical nommo anagonno nommo semi nommo titiyayne Ogo's Ogol Pale Fox pelu pilu placed placenta pond porridge priest primordial purification recalls represents resurrected Nommo rites sacrifice sacrificed Nommo Sanga says seeds sene Serou sex organ sex souls sige signs Sigui Sirius sogo sowing spiral spiritual principles star stone supra symbol things tolo tonu totemic totemic sanctuary twenty-two vageu victim vogo word yala yazu yurugu

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