Monday, July 8, 2013

Spooring Legumena Harpax (accede titling brit-sweet teuchmensera)

now then rising, as against his abrazitic candor,

these etesians forward upon the heliotrope

of kerberos' silence, in the wild house of ethanim

to flee eternization, the verdigris ethex

which should support the caviat

with its hollowness and logophaulist

eubages cast into ovarian cloud emblems

by whip-bearded, bodiless, euglenoid cranionts,

their acts a stigmata cognate with sky,

its rough-hewn blake-light bent around

tiny dewy insectoid sarcophagi through curls of smaragdyne breath lilies which

echo that unsaid phrasing of your mind:

this phototactic 

does not occur in 

the flesh-jug-head's

black euharmonic

euhedral ezekiel

kasakasa of hive 
neutral omen novary 

of quisquose padkos

desultory notes

the character of

for creeping

to hunting

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