Monday, July 8, 2013

Symbolic Creation Ex Nihilo

in one of its long white lens barrels where 
mandalas of broken glass kept fusing and fusing 
the light and colour alas we walked so 
irreligious through immense constructions 
marveling at our junk / ontology / 'ens creatum'
to this opening up of the field our gleaning~

gravid with dull labor 
and that the original symbol 
or hero
at the same time 
was a thing / monster

these old complexities
look so svelt under lurid
ever -auto- replicating
android copies of 
Louis-Ernest Barrias'
"Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science" 


the luminous green metal scarab
now a miniature power plant (unconscious)
which, attached to the creamy jade sternum bone
of each little Isis bathes each cool goddess
in a milk of sentient foam
an electrostatic hologram created from a dust
of replicating soulchip mites

(fiction chirps)
and so
"What is this poem always about?"

The many changing faces of the pilot,
and the many forms of the vehicle.

and the tree /
her body aswarm w/ souls

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