Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gross Inadequacy - Pomegranate - Cool Spring Day w/ Cat in Straw Hat Near the Bikini Factory off Burnside

I'm starving, but I won't face the facts, facets, factotems, facsimiles, faqs, phux, fus, footstalls, voicecells, fierce sails, semen, nemes, memes, amen, omen, quillcunx, adjacent,
and all of which transpire as a betweenness of opacity and trans-parent-sea.

come window horn,
come window hirn,
come wind dough hernia,
Our roebuck and tulsi collideor
critta pas

One of the younger, and it should be said, sexier, blind witches, had an 'operating system' for an eyeball. The other hags were still just using plain old magic.

Modernism painted pink
is a fashion statement late last week.
Pink Patriotism for Geometry.

Paranoiacs: Here is a diagram, a hieroglyphick of the invasion force.
Call it Anonymous pretty frocked Aqua Agua Kate'..

koine of the deep blue forrest.

wait. wait.
a pool surrounded by a hedge-langue.


1. The Tree of Chemistry IS A Chimerical Chemiracle.

PAR IS / all in ? navel baottle.

Conceptual Mozak.

languatread matching. the Indian scout puts its nous to the alchemical groundstone.

Out of thousands of possible races, It was the Etruscans who colonized
the American West.

lambent penis.
like blood in water.
like hordes of transparent crimson mermaids
swarming the illuminated brain coral puppetry.
this one eyed jack 
moves fast.

this is the image of performing tapas.
the poor skinny scholar mendicant
like a skeleton wrapped only in old comic book pages
deftly manipulates the fantasy machinery
of text.

Corner of SE Sandy and SE 18th. 1995. squirrel. Quarles.
18 years ago. Jantzen. giant zen. Birkenstocks.
I still have those sandals. and that hat.

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