Saturday, July 27, 2013


grey day blues
molecule thy name
is yoga risky
wild rare
oceanic donkey

#first blood #first water

"unauthorized transfers flowing within me"
Roman sandals and sunset eyes maybe you 
should get out more, zoo antics yield limited appeal

What if it was all Greek?
What if there was a crystal Parthenon in DC
with holographic gryllia trembling visibly 
inside the columns, day of Choes[..]

A comely ship all arrayed 
in wheels and garlands, and 
youths dressed only 
in goat hides and grape 
leaves, and masks 
of blood red thistles:

Goat Tea Poem

Lazy comet  
infinite spew 
so jelly
ancient and 

as rapture
to a lamprey

#lacunae #ala lune' tunings

O Sir! O Sur!
your reading starts 
with an insurance commercial. 
please detour around ATLANTIS..

100% glass piano
like a dream buffalo wallowing 
in Albert Ayler's Summertime, 
I see those silver services float by, 
but pack my mane with mud 
and windy isles

mud mud
you are a mood's
nude's mane

bah humbug
pundits of wag
bah humbug
the way you gas
is a drag

cork surfboard
with only one pin
tiny green rubber frog

blague blague
ode to a sweet bleak runaway
hot sun rain coat
pistaccio leaf standard up 
the blue
laurel forkings

Evan zaiwxsjeJbkqdus
that's a bit flatfooted for Flaubert..
How abou' An infinity of passion 
can be contained in jus' one minute, 
like an avalanche of tumbling apes 
at a banquet.. see Salammbo

Does that constitute a form 
of psychadelia for you?
Imagine Siva playing Go 
using Mahjong tiles 
of pressed tea.

let improvisation be your shield 
o mantisknight, let your emblem
be the peach and mimosa trees 
entwined before a conical lantern

Saturn sat down
in the desert
saguaro chin soul snowing

driving driving on thru the 
purple storming night
jelly centaurs pulling 
song chariots
hands holding 
optical nerve reins

like feathered moth antennae
glittering glittering

and by the side 
of the road lay the ruins 
of poems

clear green candied 
skeletons packed in 
camphor under fly's eyes

dolphin-skinned pyramid!
above the ocean's frame..
your shadow is a tinkling
chime snake ourobouri a
golden whip in a child's hand

It was the cactus, the last 
cactus of the last Sultan.. and 
the Cuckoo cries
from hanging boughs of calculus 
jawbone starship rites

aqua dalmatian skies an
ode to a zebra-tongued
skin hawk just gliding

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