Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Serious Violin Contra The Dumb Cartoons

you were soft there, towering,
in your flea-colored pull-over
pulling on your electronic cigarette's
spaghetti western's wax mooned
autoharp taffy

and orpheus was never so obvious
as you with one thin transparent
handcuff dangling like a teabag
into the hollow of skull of mystic
mercury's melody, the cool
cool if forlorn dirge
of the zeppelin going up
the side of the crag
its flexible inner skeleton
a caduceus of cable trunks

buckwheat soba flowing lickerish
in the light / delphic days
of self-knowledge and quietus
ferns whispering their sample
architextures through scintillating
mist volumes like strange fruits
or crumbling columns
of wriggling eohippus
O She who steers
the liver colored burl wheel's
of lyre-aileronselvage

the jewelled squeerm
of lavender gravy
something superman saw
in a terrible vision

Marlon Brando
copied by aliens
and living like Prince Namor
nude, tiny,
aboard a cup of pink tea
wearing an abacus helmet
tied on with tentacle
fu manchu catfish mustache feelers

let's make the whole gaiwan
some kind of baroque sombrero
a taotie of ever building dawns
a gong which awakens fading tattoos
of desiccated ex-sumo rabbit poet caterpillars
their ears dangling origami lanterns

dumb cartoons

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